Cleopatra was the one of the biggest productions of the 20th century. With a final budget of $31 million, the production nearly bankrupted the studio. The custom-designed sets by DeCuir inspire awe and create an environment of grandeur for the magnificent story of Egypt’s last queen.

Pillars of Design

Throughout his career, John DeCuir wondered why there were no schools for the art of production design. “Where’s the book?” he asked. DeCuir’s son took up the torch and created The 5 Pillars of Design to teach the next generation of designers the process of creating the narrative environment. 

Who is John DeCuir?

John DeCuir was a production designer known for his concept art and set designs. In his career, DeCuir was nominated for eleven Academy Awards and won three. Nicknamed Hollywood’s DaVinci, DeCuir set the industry standard with his designs.